Brexit: PM Boris Johnson to Unveil Final Proposal

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson will unveil his final Brexit proposal today to the European Union so that the United Kingdom can leave the union on October 31.

Though less than a month is left for the UK to leave the EU, no deals have been finalised yet; thus casting doubts to trade and foreign policies after Brexit.

The British Prime Minister revealed that his final proposal is an attempt to secure a smooth departure of the UK from the EU.

However, he reiterated that should Brussels reject the proposal, no matter what, Britain will leave the bloc on October 31, even without a deal as he does not want to delay Brexit any further.

The proposal aimed to replace the so-called backstop that would prevent the return of a hard border on the island of Ireland.

Price of Crude Oil Went Up

The price of crude oil futures went up on Wednesday during the early trading session.

On the New York Mercantile Exchange, Crude Oil futures for delivery in November rose by 1.01% to trade at $54.16 per barrel.

Moreover, as it traded in a bullish period, crude oil managed to find support and resistance at $53.05 and $56.84 respectively.

Likewise, the US Dollar Futures Index rose by 0.02% to trade at $98.797 against the six other major currencies.

Elsewhere on ICE, Brent oil for December delivery rose by 0.70% and traded at $59.30 a barrel.

Apple Goes Beyond $1 Trillion Market Cap

Apple Inc. went pass the symbolic mark of a market capitalisation of more than $1000 billion after it's stock price rose by 2.4% yesterday.

It reached its highest closing price since October 9, 2018, at $223.

The strong rally is largely attributed to a recommendation from a JP Morgan analyst who said that Apple’s stock price will rise more than 20% if sales of the new iPhone 11 perform better than expected.

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