Cash Gift Policy

General Terms

This terms and conditions applies to the Cash Gift programme that www.Markets.Online (hereinafter “the Company”) is offering. Clients (hereinafter, ‘You’ or ‘Trader’) who have registered and activated an account with the company and have accepted the Cash Gift programme are hereby binded under the following terms.


Cash Gift –Margin assigned to a client’s trading account on behalf of Markets.Online.

Cash Gift –Margin assigned to a client’s trading account on behalf of Markets.Online.

Premature Withdrawal – Any withdrawal request of the Cash Gift initiated before the holding period is over

Holding Period – One year from the date the Cash Gift was first used after the account has been Fully Verified by the Compliance Department

Net Account Balance – Any Deposit, including the value of trading Profit and Loss excluding any profits made from the Cash Gift, any other bonuses and excluding the Cash Gift

The website:

The Cash Gift Programme

The Cash Gift programme has been designed for clients who have an interest in trading, contemplating for a higher leverage margin. The Cash Gift will vary based on the trader’s preferences and disbursed to his account upon agreement on the amount. Please note that the amount credited is subject to specific terms and conditions delineated in this agreement and to the general Terms and Conditions as it appears on the Website. The right to allocated or refuse the Cash Gift relies solely on the discretion of Marekts.Online.

Gift Allocation

You need to meet the following requirement to be eligible for the Cash Gift programme:

  • Be a new client of the company and/or have a funded trading account;
  • The trading account should be approved by the compliance department according to the company’s account verification procedures;
  • Have accepted the Cash Gift and all the Terms & Conditions.

Upon fulfillment of all the conditions above, the Cash Gift will be applied automatically to your trading account within one (1) business day.

Withdrawing the gift amount

The gift allocated can only be withdrawn under specific conditions that the client should obligatorily meet. Failure to meet the requirements will render any withdrawal impossible. The requirements to be met are as follows:

1- Premature withdrawal of Cash Gift is unfeasible;

2- the Cash Gift amount remains connected to the same account and cannot be withdrawn either partially or in full unless a full year (365 days) has elapsed since the date the Cash Gift was first used after the account has been fully verified by the Compliance Department (hereinafter “the holding period”);

3- the client should invest at least the equivalent amount of the Cash Gift during the holding period to be able to withdraw the gift at the end of the mentioned period;

4- for each month during the holding period the client should open at least 10 trades; and

5- in case the Cash Gift exceeds the deposit amount in any account, the Cash Gift amount that can be withdrawn shall be the coequal of the deposit amount. Markets.Online reserves the right to refuse any withdrawal if it is of the opinion that a client is abusing the Cash Gift programme.

Withdrawal Requests While Gift is Active

The Company does not wish to limit your account during the period in which you have not met the condition(s) related to your Cash Gift. Thus, you may request a withdrawal prior to the completion of the holding period for other funds present in your trading account excluding the Cash Gift and any profits derived from it.

The amount available for withdrawal will depend on your Net Account Balance.

If the trading account consist of bonuses other than a Cash Gift, the relevant terms and conditions regarding bonuses shall be applicable here.

Withdrawing Profits from the account

All profits present in a Cash Gift Account will be deemed to have been derived from the Cash Gift. Such profit can only be withdrawn under certain conditions, Failure to meet any of the requirements will render any withdrawal unfeasible. The requirement to be met are as follows:

1- Premature withdrawal of Profits is impossible and can only be withdrawn after the holding period has elapsed;

2- to be able to withdraw such profit, upon completion of the holding period, the client will need to complete a certain turnover requirement (in Lot Size);

3- for manual trading, the minimum count of lots required for the withdrawal of the profit derived from the Cash Gift, shall be the Cash Gift Amount itself divided by 5. Clients are hereby informed that turnover completed while trading on Simplex will not be accounted for when calculating the required turnover. Will only be taken into account is turnover completed while Trading on Forex;

4- for clients using the Algo Third Party Trading Solution for Online Trading, the minimum count of lots required for each profit amount shall be the Cash Gift amount itself divided by 3; and

5- for clients who traded both manually and with the Algo Trading Software, the minimum count of lot required for the withdrawal of profit shall be the gift amount divided by 3.

NOTE: In the event of a withdrawal before the end of the Holding Period, the client should always ensure the remaining Net Account Balance is at least coequal to 100% of the Cash Gift. In case a withdrawal results in the Net Account Balance being lower than the Cash Gift received, the Cash Gift plus any profit derived from it will be automatically invalidated and removed from the trading account.

Trading Losses

Trading losses shall be first removed from the Net Account Balance, and thereafter to the Cash Gift.


Online trading entails significant risk. Participation in online trading should not be undertaken unless the trader is fully aware of and understands the risks involved in trading. Participation in this promotion should not be a motivating factor when considering taking part in online trading. You are hereby required to go through the Risk Disclosure available on the website and you should only take part in the programme if you agree to all the terms and conditions present on the website.

The right to amend, withdraw or restrict this Gift promotion at any time is reserved for the Company.

The sole arbitrator of the Gift ‘requirements’/ ‘terms’ and all associated issues shall be Markets.Online.

This offer is subject to the company’s general terms and conditions and abuse of this offer may result in the Cash Gift and profits generated form the Cash Gift being withheld.

The company will not be liable for any losses that you may incur as a result of trading with the Gift.

Cash Gift Disclaimer

Cash Gifts are offered exclusively at the company’s discretion. While Cash Gifts have some advantages, you do not have to accept them. Cash Gifts are provided under certain terms and conditions and you are advised not to accept any unless you understand and agree to these terms.

Company may amend these terms for all or for a specific trader at its sole discretion.