Complaints Handling Policy

In the event of any disagreement towards the services provided by, Powered by HF & CO. Ltd (the “company”, “”) or in relation to any technical issue, clients are invited to write us a complaint through the below procedures. Once the complaint is received, the company’s team will investigate all queries and do their level best to resolve any issue. Clients are hereby required to provide us with details of the disagreement towards the services, or details of any technical issue they might have encountered, in electronic form to be submitted to the company’s customer support department. For an enhanced speediness and efficiency in the handling of the claim, the following details are required:

  • Customer’s name, account number and email address used to register
  • Explicit details about the technical issue encountered or disagreement towards the services
  • Evidence that sustains the complaint
  • To ensure swift response and fair assessment of the claim, you should provide the following:
  • References of any correspondence between the company and the client.
  • Time of availability and valid contact details for investigation purposes.

All claims must be sent to the support department at [email protected].

The support team may also be contacted by phone on + 35 924 372 490, where you shall receive any desired assistance.

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