The 5-step Compliance Process

  • 1Assemble all required documents
  • 2Ensure they meet all criterias specified
  • 3Scan and send documents to [email protected]
  • 4We verify your documents
  • 5We activate your account

The Compliance Documents We Need

To verify your account and make it fully compliant, we need 4 documents.

1. Identification Document

All identification documents are required to bear a photo as well as the full name and details of the customer. All 4 corners of the document should be visible. The documents we accept are:

A clear coloured picture of the bio page of your passport

Any clear colored acceptable picture of the front and back of your government issued national identity card (ID Card)

2. Proof of Address

As proof of address we require a document bearing the customer’s name, current address and date of issue.
The document submitted should not be older than 3 months. These are the acceptable documents:

A clear coloured picture of a gas, electricity, water bill or any other valid utility bills which you paid for a recurrent service consumed at your residential address.

3. Proof of Payment

Customers are also required to provide a proof of payment.

If you used your debit/credit card to deposit, a copy of both sides of the card is required. Hide the sensitive information; we only need to see your name, the last 4 digits of the card, the date of expiry and the signature and first 4 digits at the back of the card. Accepted documents are:

A swift copy/MT103 form in case of bank wire transfer

A clear coloured picture of both sides of your debit/credit card used to deposit with the sensitive information hidden or blurred out.

4. Transaction Authorisation Form (TAF)

In addition to the 3 documents mentioned above, we also require a duly filled and signed Transaction Authorisation Form.
The form should be printed, hand-signed and submitted to compliance via email.

What We Do With Your Documents

At Markets.Online, we need those documents to ensure that all the information provided during the registration process are genuine, relevant and valid as per the international standards. In addition, with the compliance documents our customers are being provided secure and customised trading experience.

In return, we commit to protect the confidentiality of the collected information to meet legal requirements and contractual obligations. Our employees who handle personal information are trained to respect the confidential nature of client information and the privacy of individuals.

Additionally, data exchanges and communications between traders and our website are encrypted.

For any compliance-related questions, contact our dedicated Compliance Team at [email protected]