OFFER 1: VIP Trading Group (Manual Trading)

For a minimum investment of $5000, you are eligible for the following trading conditions

Regular Conditions VIP Trading Group Conditions
Leverage 1:25 1:27
Commission 0.10% 0.08%
Long Swap 0.1111% 0.095%
Short Swap 0.05556% 0.045%

OFFER 2: AlgoStocks

Never traded before, no problem! AlgoStocks does all the hard work for you using an algorithm designed specifically for the stocks market.

WHAT is Earnings Season and WHY should you trade it?

Earnings Season is the time during which when public companies such as Apple, Netflix, JPMorgan & Chase or Citigroup release a report that summarises their performance that took place over the last 3 months.

Volatility on financial markets is usually what allows traders to make profits in the first place and during Earnings Season the increased flow of information creates volatility and creates some fast price movement that traders like you can profit from.

How much our traders are currently earning?

Below you will find a list of our Top 5 traders and the profits made trading Earnings Season for 1 week.

 Joe Chan
Total Profits:
Most Traded Stock:

 Tom Stewart
Total Profits:
Most Traded Stock:

 Maisie Brennan
Total Profits:
Most Traded Stock:

 Ben Stone
Total Profits:
Most Traded Stock:

 Lucy Parkinson
Total Profits:
Most Traded Stock:

How to get the offers above?

Contact your Customer Service Manager
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