What is a wire transfer and how to deposit via wire transfer?

Wire transfer, also commonly referred to as bank transfer is one of the safest funds transfer methods. Using this method, traders can deposit funds into their trading accounts in as little as 1 business day.

What is wire transfer?

Wire transfer or bank transfer is a method of transferring funds from one person or entity to another electronically. Over the last few years, with the increase in internet and smartphone usage, wiring money has experienced a huge rise in popularity. People can transfer money to other people or institution with their smartphones regardless of where they are, they only need an internet connection!

Making a deposit via wire/bank transfer on Markets.Online

  1. To make a transfer via wire/bank transfer, you have to contact your Customer Support Manager and make a request.
  2. Your request will be transferred to the finance department of Markets.Online who will send you our banking details (according to your bank and country of residence).
  3. You can then proceed with the deposit at your local bank and send us a SWIFT copy.
  4. Our finance department will verify the transaction and if everything is in order, your trading account will be credited.

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