How to log in on MT4?

To log into your MT4 account is very easy and straightforward whether you are using the web-based, desktop or mobile version. Follow these few steps and you will be up and trading in no time.

Log into your web-based MT4 account

To log into your desktop MT4 account, you first have to log into your Markets.Online account.

Once you are logged into your Markets.Online account, you will be redirected to the ‘Account Management’ page, where you will get all the information you need to log into your MT4 account.

Click on the ‘Open Trading Platform’ button (1). Use the MT4 ID (2) provided to log into your MT4 account. Use the same password as that of your Markets.Online account.

Enter your information, and choose the ChandonGroup-Server

You are now logged into your desktop MT4 account and ready to trade

Log into your desktop MT4 account

Logging into your desktop MT4 account is very simple. You only have to log into the account once during the installation process and your credentials will be saved so that you can automatically open your MT4 account in the future. You will find the step-by-step installation tutorial here.

To open your logged-in desktop MT4 account, you only have to open the ‘ChandonGroupLTD’ file.

Once you open the file, you will be directly redirected to your desktop Markets.Online MT4 account.

Log into your desktop MT4 account

To log into your mobile MT4 account, open the app on your android or IOS device.

Tap on the 3 bars on the extreme left of the screen to open the menu.

Then tap on ‘Manage Accounts’, it will redirect you to the following screen and tap on the    sign.

You will be prompted to another screen where you can choose to either open a demo account or to login to an existing account.

Choose the ‘Login to an existing account’

Enter ‘ChandonGroup-Server’ in the field you are prompted to find a broker

Tap on ‘ChandonGroup-Server’ to enter. You will then be prompted to enter your login and password. Use the same login as your web-based Markets.Online MT4 account to log in the mobile version.

You are now logged into your Markets.Online MT4 mobile account.

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